GPII Installation and Core Build Tasks

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Grunt GPII

This module defines a grunt plugin for use with the GPII's projects. In particular it defines the following grunt tasks:

  • dedupe-infusion - This task meets the requirements of . Due to changes in npm's semantic introduced in its versions 1.3.x, it is now no longer possible to ensure that duplicate instances of the fluid-infusion node module are installed throughout the tree as a result of the npm install process. This grunt tasks manually searches for and deletes all instances except for the least nested one.

  • gpii-universal - This task fetches GPII's universal project by either a shallow or deep git clone (control this by using the fastClone option to the grunt task), runs npm install and then the dedupe-infusion task.

  • npm-install - This task installs or reinstalls a selection of dependencies from this project's package.json file. This is useful during development where perhaps only one dependency has been updated and a quick update is required. For example, the command grunt npm-install:infusion will just reinstall this project's infusion module.

  • lint - This task is an alias for the tasks jshint followed by jsonlint. This should be run in each GPII core project before each pull request, to ensure that all .js and .json files pass linting.

The gpii-universal task is suitable for running from the top level of our architecture-specific repositories, e.g. linux and windows.

Please consult the page for more details.