A JSON file of Hebrew character names and Unicode points.

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A JSON file of Hebrew character names and Unicode points.


Programming with Hebrew can be tricky. Code editors can have difficulty working with right-to-left characters in the midst of left-to-right code, and combining characters (which pointed Hebrew uses constantly) are almost impossible to work with by themselves in a code editor without rendering them as obscure codes like \u05b0.

This JSON file gives you named Hebrew character variables to work with, so you can, for example, type holam instead of '\u05b9'.

Important Notes

  • There are many different ways to spell English transliterations of Hebrew character names. This library uses the same spellings as those found in the Unicode standard.

  • In the JSON object, the characters are subdivided by seven keys corresponding to the Hebrew character category name prefixes in the Unicode standard (letters, points, accents, punctuation, marks, signs, yiddishLigatures).

  • Those consonants which have a final form (kaf, mem, nun, pe, and tsadi) will have both forms in an array, the final form being last.


Using Node.js:

npm i hebrew


const {letters: {dalet, vav}, points: {dagesh, hiriq, qamats}} = require('hebrew')

dalet + dagesh + qamats + vav + hiriq + dalet // 'דָּוִד'
const {letters: {kaf: [kaf, finalKaf]}} = require('hebrew')

kaf // 'כ'
finalKaf // 'ך'