A declarative, natural language scripting engine for NodeJS applications.

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  import hedon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hedon';



A declarative, natural language scripting engine for NodeJS/JavaScript applications.


This is still <1.0.0, and is still a WIP.

It is currently a proof of concept project of someone who has little or no experience in natural language processing, but nonetheless wanted to start a (fun) project to do such.

If anything, this could be used to create project bootstraps.


Create a file called test.txt:

Create an Express application.

The Express application should host {public/} when started.

Now, run my express application.

Then run:

mkdir public
echo "hello world!" >> public/foo.txt
hedon -f test.txt

You should be able to navigate to:


You can also create run.txt:

Run my express application, please!

And just run that to start your application.