Helicopter cli control tool

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import helicopterCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/helicopter-cli';


Helicopter cli

Helicopter cli tool is a very simple util which load helicopter.js binary file from current directory with lookup like node does and requires it. It search installed helicopter inside node_modules folders.

It has no dependencies, extra lightweight and written in pure shell script.


npm install -g helicopter-cli


Helicopter script pass all arguments to helicopter executable and redirect stdin.

helicopter <COMMAND> [OPTIONS]


Helicopter cli tool has two own commands init and create which helps to build projects from template.

init [DIR]
create <TEMPLATE> [DIR]

If command not exists in helicopter cli tool it will be searched in the nearest installed helicopter package


Init command creates new project from basic helicopter template. It has one optional parameter DIR which specifies directory of newly created project.


Create command download template from github or npm to specified directory or $PWD.

helicopter create helicopterjs/basic # Install template from github.com
helicopter create helicopter-basic # Install template from npm


Run server

helicopter up 8080