Plugin to retry commands in hermione

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hermione-retry-command Build Status

Plugin for hermione to retry commands at low level.

You can read more about hermione plugins here.


npm install hermione-retry-command



Plugin has the following configuration:

  • enabled (optional) Boolean – enable/disable the plugin; by default the plugin is enabled
  • rules (required) Array – describes set of conditions for which retries should run
    • condition (required) String
      • set blank-screenshot to retry screenshot commands that return blank screenshots
      • set assert-view-failed to retry assertView command if it has failed
    • browsers (optional) String|RegExp|Array<String|RegExp> – browsers in which retries should run, by default is /.*/ that means retries should run in all browsers
    • retryCount (optional) Integer – defines the number of retries. By default retryCount is set to 2
    • retryInterval (optional) Integer – defines delay in milliseconds before each retry. By default retryInterval is set to 100. Be careful when setting retry interval as this can dramatically downgrade performance of your tests.
    • retryOnlyFirst (optional, only for 'assert-view-failed') Boolean – defines the plugin operation limit for the first call command in the test. By default retryOnlyFirst is set to false.

Also you can override plugin parameters by CLI options or environment variables (see configparser). Use hermione_retry_command_ prefix for the environment variables and --hermione-retry-command- for the cli options.

Hermione usage

Add plugin to your hermione config file:

module.exports = {
    // ...
    plugins: {
        'hermione-retry-command': {
            enabled: true,
            rules: [
                    condition: 'blank-screenshot',
                    browsers: ['MicrosoftEdge'],
                    retryCount: 5,
                    retryInterval: 120
                    condition: 'assert-view-failed',
                    browsers: ['Chrome'],
                    retryCount: 1,
                    retryOnlyFirst: true


Run mocha tests:

npm run test-unit

Run eslint codestyle verification

npm run lint