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Pipelines Plugin for Heroku Toolbelt


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A Heroku CLI plugin for continuous delivery on Heroku.

This plugin is used to set up a collection of apps sharing a common codebase where the latest slug of one app can be promoted to the app(s) in the following stage. The promotion only copies the upstream build artifact and leaves the downstream app's config vars, add-ons, and Git repo untouched.

How to install this plugin

This plugin is installed by default with the Heroku Toolbelt. You do not need to install it yourself. Just update your Toolbelt and plugins:

$ heroku update

Using Pipelines



First, please read Developing CLI Plugins on Heroku's DevCenter.

Run Tests

$ npm test


  1. Release a new version of this npm package.
$ npm version patch/minor/major
  1. Open a new pr in https://github.com/heroku/cli/blob/master/package.json, updating to the appropriate heroku-pipelines version.