Heroku Platform API client for Web applications

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Heroku Platform API Client for Web Applications

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This is a client library for the Heroku Platform API that can be used by Web applications.

The library relies on the fetch API, which can be used natively in most modern browsers, and on the WebCrypto API, which is also quite well supported. A fetch polyfill and a WebCrypto polyfill can be used to extend this library's compatibility all the way down to Internet Explorer 10.

Development Setup

Install the project's dependencies and run a one-time setup script.

npm install
node test/setup.js

Create a testing Heroku account and plug in the email and password into testdata/heroku_account.json. Using a real Heroku account is not recommended, as bugs in the library could result in your applications getting deleted.

  "email": "your@test.account",
  "password": "your-secret"


This project is Copyright (c) 2016 Victor Costan, and distributed under the MIT License.