Herux is a little Flux framework with multiple static or dynamic stores, actions and etc

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We look for Flux, Redux and Fluxible and want to take the best parts of them.

We like functional programming, but we like OOP more.

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Main points

  • actions are simple objects with type and data
  • use Context for all operations (actions dispatching, get stores, change listening)
  • keep your data in many dedicated stores
  • you can use static stores (like 'Users') or dynamic stores (like 'Group1', 'Group2' and etc)

Static store

class StaticStore {
    /* some class body */

StaticStore.storeType = 'static';
StaticStore.storeName = 'name';
StaticStore.handlers = [
        method: 'methodName',
        type: 'ACTION_TYPE'

Dynamic store

class DynamicStore {
    /* some class body */

DynamicStore.storeType = 'dynamic';
DynamicStore.storePattern = /^Group\d+$/;
DynamicStore.handlers = [
        method: 'methodName',
        selector: (data) => 'Group' + data.groupId,
        type: 'ACTION_TYPE'


  • dispatch(action: Action): void
  • getStore(name: String): Store
  • listen(stores: String[], cb: (stores: Store[]) => void): void