Hexo plugin for easily opening posts, drafts and pages from the command line in your favorite terminal or GUI editor

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I decided to rename this plugin to hexo-cli-extras to better reflect what it does. Please install the new plugin instead to get the latest version. This one will remain online for the handful of people who are using this though but won't receive any more updates in case I think of more features to implement.

This is a simple plugin for Hexo, a Node.js-based static site generator/blog framework.

It adds two command to the Hexo command-line interface (only usable when you are somewhere inside a hexo folder):


hexo edit [title] [-a | --after MM-DD-YYYY] [-b | --before MM-DD-YYYY] [-c | --category | --categories CATEGORY] [-d | --draft | --drafts] [-f | --folder SUBFOLDER] [-g | --gui] [-l | --layout] [-p | --page | --pages] [-t | --tag | --tags TAG]

title is a regular expression (case insensitive and spaces are allowed) for matching the title of a post

-a or --after (optional) lets you filter out all posts that were made before the given date. A little parsing is done to help you, but use MM-DD-YYYY for best results

-b or --before (optional) lets you filter out all posts that were made after the given date. A little parsing is done to help you, but use MM-DD-YYYY for best results

-c or --category (optional) allows you to filter your posts on category

-d or --draft (optional) lets you exclude all published posts

-f or --folder (optional) is (part of) the name of a subfolder in hexo_dir/source to narrow down your search if you have multiple post folders (for filtering on drafts, prefer to use -d)

-g or --gui (optional) is an option to open files using an associated GUI editor, rather than your terminal editor set in $EDITOR

-l or --layout (optional) filters on posts/pages with a specific layout

-p or --page (optional) selects pages instead of posts

-t or --tag (optional) allows you to filter your posts on tag

Note: Installing this will also cause any new post you create with hexo new ... to open automatically in your text editor. Note: boolean options can be combined (for example hexo edit -dp to search for drafts that are pages) Note: Drafts will only appear in regular searches (those without the special draft option) if you have render_drafts set to true in _config.yml. If it's set to false, you'll have to use the --draft option to filter on drafts because for some weird reason, a single letter option won't work in that particular case. Very strange..


hexo rename <old title/slug> <-n | --new "new title">

old title/slug is one or more regular expressions to find a post or page. If more match your regex, a menu will be displayed

new title is the new title for your post. In case you just want to rename the file, it will be slugized automatically (it will get converted to lower case, and all special characters and spaces will be made url-friendly)

After you've selected a file, you will be presented with another menu. From there you can choose whether to rename the filename, the title of the post, both, or cancel altogether.

*Note: if you have set render_drafts to false in _config.yml, you won't be able to rename drafts. It works with that setting set to true or if you publish the post first though.


hexo remove <search terms>

This command will look for a post, allow you to select one if more than one post is matched, ask you for a confirmation and then delete the selected post and its associated asset folder (if it exists).


npm install --save hexo-easy-edit


  • It doesn't matter where in the hexo directory you are. As long as you're in one, your posts will be found

  • If you filter on title, put it first in your query. Because of the way the arguments are parsed, you may get unexpected results otherwise if you also use one of the boolean arguments. For example, hexo edit -d my draft will return drafts and filter on "draft" whereas hexo edit my draft -d will correctly filter on the regular expression "my draft"

  • If your regular expression matches more than one file, a terminal menu will load so you can choose. Use the arrow keys or vim keybindings (j/k) to pick a file. This, as well as the colors, might not work as expected in the default Windows command shell (cmd.exe), but it should be fine in more powerfull shells

  • When you use either of the two date filters, all drafts will also be excluded because the date field makes little sense for a draft and you likely don't want to see them in the results

  • By default, a file will open in your current terminal window, using whatever you've set as the global $EDITOR variable (you can set it in .bashrc or .zshrc if it's empty, don't forget to source the file before testing)

  • With the gui option set (or if you don't have an $EDITOR set), the file will open with xdg-open (linux, osx) or start (win)

  • A simple hexo edit will give you a menu with all your posts

  • All spaces in your title will be treated as dashes, just like Hexo does

  • This is useful primarily for myself, but might come in handy for others using Hexo who prefer to edit markdown files in their favorite local editor. Alternatively, you can use an administration plugin - check out hexo-admin or hexo-hey if that's more up your alley

  • I was having some issues with making the renaming work and ran out of time. So the code is pretty crappy, but it works. I'll eventually clean it up.