A plugin to show permalinks of posts according to their relative path, like '/dir1/dir2/post3'.

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What do permalink-pathed-title do

Suppose you have a hexo site, including several posts in directory source/_posts. The posts' file structure is like:

- source
  |- _posts
     |- china
     |  |- beijing
     |  |  |- food.md
     |  |  |- entertainment.md
     |  |  |- tourist-sites.md
     |  |- shanghai
     |     |- food.md
     |     |- entertainment.md
     |     |- tourist-sites.md
     |- japan
        |- tokyo
        |- food.md
        |- entertainment.md
        |- tourist-sites.md

In your site config (/_config.yml), suppose you are using:

permalink: :title/

Then the permalink of post china/beijing/food.md will be xxx.com/china-beijing-food . This is because post' title is its slug.

If you enable this plugin, then its permalink will be xxx.com/china/beijing/food/. You can also add prefix or postfix into it. For example: xxx.com/post/china/beijing/food , xxx.com/post/china/beijing/food/content, etc..

How to use


In your hexo project, install hexo-plugin-permalink-pathed-title

npm install --save hexo-plugin-permalink-pathed-title

Then serve the site

hexo server


In your hexo site config (/_config.yml), Make Sure permalink_pathed_title.us is set to true . For example:

  use: true,
  prefix: "post", # optional
  postfix: "" # optional

Then, **Make Sure permalink config is set to :id/ **

permalink: :id/

Then, permalinks with pathed title will be used to anchor posts.