A SoundCloud plugin for the Hexo.js static blogging platform.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import hexoSoundcloud from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hexo-soundcloud';


Original blog post here: http://www.andrewboni.com/2014/06/08/A-Soundcloud-tag-plugin-for-Hexo/


This is a simple Hexo plugin that makes it easy to embed Soundcloud tracks.

Installation / Usage

Get the plugin via NPM:

npm install hexo-soundcloud

Then, simply add the hexo-soundcloud.js or hexo-soundcloud.min.js file located in dist/ to the scripts/folder within the root directory of your Hexo blog. If a scripts/ folder doesn't exist, create one in the root directory.

Then, simply add this markup:

{% soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/only-the-beat/3lau-electric-daisy-carnival-edc-new-york-2014 visual %}

Note that the second parameter is optional and can be one of two things:

  • ‘visual’
  • ‘default’
  • ‘Visual’ will use the newer, larger Soundcloud player, while ‘default’ or simply leaving it blank will default to the standard Soundcloud player.


Visual player

The following code brings up the visual player:

{% soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson/sea-of-voices visual %}

Default player

The following code brings up the default player:

{% soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson/sad-machine %}


The source is located in src/hexo-soundcloud.coffee. There are two Grunt tasks defined in Gruntfile.coffee- one for watching the coffee source for changes & compiling, and one for minifying.

When working on the source file, grunt grunt to watch for changes.

When ready to minify, run grunt build to uglify dist/hexo-soundcloud.js.