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«NexT» is a high quality elegant Hexo theme. It is crafted from scratch with love.

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More «NexT» examples here.


If you're using Hexo 5.0 or later, the simplest way to install is through npm:

$ cd hexo-site
$ npm install hexo-theme-next

Or you can clone the entire repository:

$ cd hexo-site
$ git clone https://github.com/next-theme/hexo-theme-next themes/next

See detailed installation instructions if you want any other variant.

After the installation, open Hexo config file and set theme variable to next.

theme: next


At present, NexT encourages users to use the Alternate Theme Config to configure NexT. And it's easy to customize the layout or style of NexT using Custom Files.

It is not recommended to directly modify any files in the NexT theme. Because this may cause errors (e.g. merge conflicts), and the modified files may be discarded when upgrading the theme.

However, you can bypass merge conflicts (error message like «Commit your changes or stash them before you can merge») by using the Commit, Stash or Reset commands for local changes. See here how to do it.


Plugins extend and expand the functionality of NexT. There are two types of plugins: core plugins and third-party plugins. The core plugins are required by the basic functions of NexT. Third-party plugins provide a large number of optional features.

Configuring these plugins is very easy. For example, if you want to enable pjax on your site, just set pjax to true in NexT config file:

# Easily enable fast Ajax navigation on your website.
# For more information: https://github.com/next-theme/pjax
pjax: true

Configure CDN

Third-party plugins are loaded from jsDelivr CDN by default. We also provide other optional CDNs, including the famous UNPKG and CDNJS.

For example, if you want to use unpkg instead of jsdelivr as the default CDN provider, you need to edit the following settings in NexT config file:

  # ...
  # Some contents...
  # ...
  plugins: unpkg


A new version of NexT will be released every month. Please read the release notes before updating the theme. You can update NexT by the following command.

Install the latest version throuth npm:

$ cd hexo-site
$ npm install hexo-theme-next@latest

Or update to the latest master branch:

$ cd themes/next
$ git pull

If you want to update from v5.x / v7.x to the latest version, read this.



We welcome you to join the development of NexT. Please see contributing document. 🤗

Also, we welcome Issue or PR to our official-plugins.




«NexT» send special thanks to these great services that sponsor our core infrastructure:

GitHub allows us to host the Git repository and run the test suite.

Netlify allows us to distribute the documentation.

Crowdin allows us to translate conveniently the documentation.

Thanks jsDelivr for providing public CDN service.