RGBDS and hgbasm language and project support

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This extension provides editing capabilities powered by the hgbasm compiler, which supports the RGBDS assembly language for Game Boy as well as hgbasm-specific language extensions. The extension can be installed from here.


  • Syntax highlighting of hgbasm and RGBDS syntaxes as well as linkerscripts
  • Auto-completion of instructions, functions, defined symbols, and more
  • Go To Definition, Find All References, and Rename functionality for user-defined symbols
  • Document outlining and folding based on sections, global labels, and local labels
  • Analytical information exposed on hover or as CodeLens items
  • Automatic formatting of lines or whole documents
  • Symbol information on hover
  • Signature help for built-in functions


This extension does not require anything else to be installed in order to provide editing functionality. However, to actually compile your Game Boy project, you should install hgbasm-cli through NPM or use standalone RGBDS binaries.

To enable the use of hgbasm-specific features, add this line at the top of the file:

#mode hgbasm

Extension Settings

Key settings:

  • hgbasm.analysisHoverEnabled: Enable/disable analysis information on hover. Defaults to enabled.
  • hgbasm.analysisCodeLensEnabled: Enable/disable analysis information codelens. Defaults to enabled.
  • hgbasm.formattingEnabled: Enable/disable automatic formatting. Defaults to enabled.
  • hgbasm.autoCompleteEnabled: Enable/disable autocompletion. Defaults to enabled.

For full control over the compiler settings used when editing your project, create a file called gbconfig.json in the root of your project and configure the settings within as appropriate.

Known Issues

  • Extremely large projects which split source code across many files will load very slowly or not at all.

Release Notes


Improved support for interdependent file compilation and revised settings.


Initial release.