Node script to send a notification to HipChat with the current git tag or hash

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import hipchatGitReleaseNotify from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hipchat-git-release-notify';


HipChat git release notify

Sends a notification to a HipChat room with the latest git tag or commit hash.


Use as part of your CI process.

npm install hipchat-git-release-notify
./node_modules/.bin/hipchat-git-release-notify [server identifier] [project URL] [HipChat room ID] [HipChat token]


The following command line arguments are required:

  • [server identifier]: A string identifing the project or server, e.g. MyProject STAGING.
  • [project URL]: A URL used in the notification message.
  • [HipChat room ID]: The HipChat room ID, available from the HipChat website.
  • [HipChat room ID]: A HipChat room token, that can be created on the HipChat website.