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Choerodon Boot

Choerodon front boot is a toolkit about front end package management, startup, compilation. It is mainly used to provide custom some configurations file to create a project of React that can be modified to some extent.

The construction project can be used on macOS, Windows or Linux. Teams can be developed in modules, greatly speeding up development.

  • The project uses webpack for construction.
  • React and Mobx are used as the main development technology.


$ npm install choerodon-front-boot -S


  • Create a configuration file named config.js
import autoprefixer from 'autoprefixer';
// default config of Choerodon
const config = {
  port: 9090,
  output: './dist',
  htmlTemplate: 'index.template.html',
  devServerConfig: {},
  postcssConfig: {
    plugins: [
        browsers: ['last 2 versions', 'Firefox ESR', '> 1%', 'ie >= 8', 'iOS >= 8', 'Android >= 4'],
  babelConfig(config, mode, env) {
    return config;
  webpackConfig(config, mode, env) {
    return config;
  enterPoints(mode, env) {
    // By default, it returns empty object.
    // In javascript files, words `process.env.XXX` will be replaced with the key of returned map object like `XXX` from this function .
    // e.g.
    // development env
    if (mode === 'start' || env === 'development') {
      return {
        API_HOST: 'http://api.example.org', // The `server` property of root config will be overwritten by this.
    // production env
    if (mode === 'build' || env === 'production') {
      return {
        API_HOST: 'an `enterpoint` placeholder string', // Reference to `enterpoint.sh`
  entryName: 'index',
  root: '/',
  // By default, The property `routes` is null and we use property `main` as path of router component and use the last word of property `name` what be split by char `-` as router path in package.json
  routes: {
    'iam': 'src/app/iam/containers/IAMIndex.js', // For e.g.
  // By default, dashboard is false.
  // The keys of dashboard are namespaces, and entries are Component paths.
  dashboard: {
    'choerodon-front-iam': 'src/dashboard/*', //  For e.g., use glob pattern
    'choerodon-front-devops': [
      'src/dashboard/Test', //  For e.g., use dir path
      'src/dashboard/Test2.js', //  For e.g., use file path
  server: 'http://api.example.com', // API server
  fileServer: 'http://file.example.com', // File server
  clientid: 'localhost',
  titlename: 'Choerodon', // HTML title
  favicon: 'favicon.ico', // Page favicon
  theme: { // less/sass modify vars
    'primary-color': '#3F51B5', 


$choerodon-front-boot start --config config.js

Once running, open http://localhost:9090


$choerodon-front-boot build --config config.js

Init Menu

First, you should make sure that you have Menu.yml under ./{1}/src/app/{1}/config/Menu.yml. And also should have language/en.yml & language/zh.yml

A Menu.yml file like this:

"iam": code
  icon: IAM  # icon ode
  sort: 1  # sort
  delete: "true"  # Whether it should be deleted
  site:  # menu level
    - "organization": # code
        sort: 1  # sort
        Routes: /iam/organization  # route
        icon: manage_organization  # icon
        permission:  # permissions
          - 'iam-service.organization.enableOrganization' 

A language/en.yml file like this:

"iam": "platform settings"
# site
"iam.organization": "Organization"

Then, you can run the script to initialize the menu.

$python ./{1}/node_modules/choerodon-front-boot/structure/configAuto.py {1}
$python ./{1}/node_modules/choerodon-front-boot/structure/sql.py [-i HOST] [-p PORT] [-u USER] [-s PASSWD] [-a ATTRS] [-d DELETE]

{1} is your module name.


  • Node environment (6.9.0+)
  • Git environment
  • Python environment(2.7)

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