Cached polling model.

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Cached polling model.

Poll an API at a given interval and save the data to a data storoe such as redis. Multiple nodes can synchronise by sharing the redis instance and key.


const HmpoCachedModel = require('hmpo-cached-model');

let redisFactory = {
    getClient() {
        return redisInstance;

let model = new HmpoCachedModel(
    { // optional seed data
        foo: 'bar',
        boo: 'baz'
    { // options
        url: '',
        key: 'root-key',
        store: redisFactory,
        storeInterval: 1000,
        apiInterval: 2000

// start polling

let data = model.get('data');

// stop polling

If the API returns an object, all keys are saved to the model, otherwise the data from the API is saved to the data key.

Extend and override parse() to change the way the incomming data from the API is processed.


The deprecated request library has been replaced with got in hmpo-model. The new got library doesn't automativally use the proxy environment variables so you would need to use something like global-agent in your app if you need to specify proxies by environment arguments.