Gets the home dir or resolves home directories.

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A tiny utility to get the home directory, or resolve a path begins with '~', with cross-platform compatibility.

Since 2.0.0, home only supports node >= 5.12.0


$ npm i home


const home = require('home')

home()              // Mac && Linux: '/Users/kael', Windows: '\\Users\\kael'
home.resolve('~')   // '/Users/kael'

const some_path = '~/workspace'
home.resolve(some_path)         // '/Users/kael/workspace'
home.resolve(some_path, 'abc')  // '/Users/kael/workspace/abc'


Returns path the home directory specified by operating system.

home.resolve([from...], to)

Resolves to to an absolute path, if to begins with '~', it will be cooked before path.resolve()d.

home.resolve('~/file') // 'Users/kael/file'

The usage of home.resolve is very similar to path.resolve

Another way to think of it is as a sequence of cd commands in a shell.

// -> current directory

home.resolve('foo/bar', '~/file/', '..', 'a/../subfile')
// -> '/Users/kael/subfile'

Is equivalent to:

home.resolve('foo/bar', '/Users/kael/file/', '..', 'a/../subfile')

Is similar to:

cd foo/bar
cd ~/file/
cd ..
cd a/../subfile

What about home.relative(), home.join() ?

For now, home doesn't support those, which I thought is unnecessary to make this module too complicated.

I'd rather home.resolve() the directories, before path.join().

var dir = '~/dir'
dir = home.resolve(dir)
path.join(dir, './abc')


May be freely distributed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) Kael Zhang and other contributors.