Homebridge plugin for Airzone Cloud.

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Homebridge Airzone Cloud

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Homebridge plugin for Airzone Cloud

Copyright © 2021 Francisco Javier Horrillo Sancho. All rights reserved.


This Homebridge plugin exposes to Apple's HomeKit Airzone System connected to a Webserver Airzone Cloud or DKN Cloud.


You need a Airzone System with a Webserver installed and also you need an account in Airzone Cloud.

You need a server to run Homebridge. It is recommended using wired Ethernet to connect the server running Homebridge. This can be anything running Node.js: from a Raspberry Pi, a NAS system, or an always-on PC running Linux, macOS, or Windows. See the Homebridge Wiki for details.

To interact with HomeKit, you need Siri or a HomeKit app on an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV (4th generation or later). It is recommendes to use the latest released versions of iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Please note that Siri and even Apple's Home app still provide only limited HomeKit support. As HomeKit uses Bonjour to discover Homebridge, the server running Homebridge must be on the same subnet as your iDevices running HomeKit.


To install Homebridge Airzone Cloud:

  • Follow the instructions on the Homebridge Wiki to install Node.js and Homebridge;
  • Install the Homebridge Airzone Cloud plugin through Homebridge Config UI X or manually by:
    $ sudo npm -g i homebridge-airzone-cloud

To update Homebridge Airzone Cloud, simply issue another sudo npm -g i homebridge-airzone-cloud@latest. Please check the release notes before updating Homebridge Airzone Cloud. To revert to a previous version, specify the version when installing Homebridge Airzone Cloud, as in: sudo npm -g i homebridge-airzone-cloud@0.0.1.