A homebridge plugin for Aqara Airer Lite

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  import homebridgeAqaraAirerLite from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-aqara-airer-lite';



Homebridge Aqara Airer Lite plugin


If you have an Aqara Airer Lite, this plugin can turn it into a HomeKit light and a window cover separately. So you can turn its light on / off, set its up-down position (by setting the openning percentage) in HomeKit.


You need to register an Aqara open cloud app first (https://opencloud.aqara.cn), choose OAuth2 as your app type. After the app registeration reviewing (likely 24 hours), you will get your app ID and app secret.


Insert the config into your homebridge config.json:

    "name": "Aqara Airer Lite",
    "platform": "aqara-airer-lite",
    "client_id": "", // your aqara open app id
    "client_secret": "", // your aqara open app secret
    "account": "", // your aqara account (likely phone number, which has an Aqara Airer Lite device binded to)
    "password": "" // your aqara account password

Then this plugin will automatically found the first Aqara Airer Lite device among the devices binded to your aqara account, and turn it into the HomeKit device.