Exposes a garage door accessory to HomeBridge using an ESP8266 to control the opener.

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  import homebridgeGarageArduinoEsp from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-garage-arduino-esp';


Homebridge Garage ESP8266

Garage door opener accessory that interacts with an ESP8266 connected to a relay.


Place this inside of the accessories array in your homebridge config. Make sure to replace the fields with their proper values.

    "accessory": "GarageOpenerESP8266",
    "name": "ESP8266 Garage Opener",
    "triggerUrl": "garage.local/trigger",
    "openUrl": "garage.local/isopen",
    "closedUrl": "garage.local/isclosed",
    "pollingTime": 5000,
    "doorOpeningTime": 14000


accessory: Do not modify this since it is linked to the plugin in Homebridge. name: This is the default name you will see in the Home app. triggerUrl: Endpoint on the ESP8266 to trigger the door. openUrl: Endpoint on the ESP8266 to check if the door is open. closedUrl: Endpoint on the ESP8266 to check if the door is closed. pollingTime: How often this plugin will check the state of the door (milliseconds). doorOpeningTime: How long it takes the door to fully open/close (milliseconds).