Homebridge plugin for a simple garage door opener using Shelly 1 relay

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This work is forked from https://github.com/andreaseu/homebridge-garage-remote-http. Kudos to Andreas.


This homebridge plugin exposes a web-based garage opener to Apple's HomeKit. Using simple HTTP requests, the plugin allows you to open/close the garage. It works as a general purpose HTTP client for any relay, but it works particularly well with a Shelly 1 relay.


  1. Install Homebridge.
  2. Install the plugin by running npm install -g homebridge-garage-door-shelly1 or by searching for homebridge-garage-door-shelly1 on the plugins tab if you are using Homebridge UI or Hoobs.
  3. Update your Homebridge config.json accordingly.


NOTE: Don't forget to update shelly_ip to the IP address of your Shelly relay.

"accessories": [
        "accessory": "GarageDoorOpener",
        "name": "Back door",
        "http_method": "GET",
        "openURL": "http://shelly_ip/relay/0?turn=on",
        "closeURL": "http://shelly_ip/relay/0?turn=on",
        "autoLock": false,
        "autoLockDelay": 60,
        "openTime": 21,
        "closeTime": 17,
        "polling": true,
        "pollInterval": 60,
        "username": "garage",
        "password": "Mh4hc7EDJF8mMkzv",
        "manufacturer": "BFT",
        "model": "SCE-MA (Board)",
        "statusURL": "http://shelly_ip/status",
        "statusKey": "$.inputs[0].input",
        "statusValueOpen": "0",
        "statusValueClosed": "1",
        "debug": "false"



Key Description Default
accessory Must be GarageDoorOpener N/A
name Name to appear in the Home app N/A
openURL URL to trigger the opening of your garage N/A
closeURL URL to trigger the closing of your garage N/A

Optional fields

Key Description Default
openTime Time (in seconds) to simulate your garage opening 10
closeTime Time (in seconds) to simulate your garage closing 10
autoLock Whether your garage should auto-close after being opened false
autoLockDelay Time (in seconds) until your garage will automatically close (if enabled) 20
switchOff Closes the garage immediately without animation. For IR remote control use. false
switchOffDelay Time (in seconds) until your garage will automatically close without animation (if enabled) 2
polling Whether the state should be polled at intervals false
pollInterval Time (in seconds) between device polls (if polling is enabled) 120
statusURL URL to retrieve state on poll (if statusField* options are not set, expects HTTP response body to be 0 or 1) N/A
statusKey JSONPath that identifies the property that contains the status of the door (e.g. $.inputs[0].input is the default for Shelly 1) $.inputs[0].input
statusValueOpen Regex that will match the open state of the relay status (e.g. open) 0
statusValueClosed Regex that will match the closed state of the relay status (e.g. closed) 1
statusValueOpening Regex that will match the opening state of the relay status (e.g. opening) 2
statusValueClosing Regex that will match the closing state of the relay status (e.g. closing) 3

Additional options

Key Description Default
timeout Time (in milliseconds) until the accessory will be marked as Not Responding if it is unreachable 3000
http_method HTTP method used to communicate with the device GET
username Username if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
password Password if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
model Appears under the Model field for the accessory plugin
serial Appears under the Serial field for the accessory version
manufacturer Appears under the Manufacturer field for the accessory author
firmware Appears under the Firmware field for the accessory version
debug Display debug messages on Homebridge log false

State key

State Description
0 Open
1 Closed
2 Opening
3 Closing


Shelly 1 wiring

More information at https://savjee.be/2020/06/make-garage-door-opener-smart-shelly-esphome-home-assistant/

Videos on wiring

Door open/closed sensor

In order to know for sure if your gate is open or closed you need to install a Reed Switch sensor connected between L and SW (order is irrelevant). These cost between €2 and €5.

Reed Switch

For Shelly 1 and a normally open reed switch (NO) the following options need to be set:

"accessories": [
         "statusKey": "$.inputs[0].input",
         "statusValueOpen": "0",
         "statusValueClosed": "1"

For a normally closed switch (NC), use:

"accessories": [
         "statusKey": "$.inputs[0].input",
         "statusValueOpen": "1",
         "statusValueClosed": "0"