Magic Home WiFi plugin for homebridge

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  import homebridgeGordalinaMagicHome from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-gordalina-magic-home';


Homebridge Magic Home plugin

A Homebridge plugin for devices running on the Magic Home Wi-Fi system.


First, install the plugin globally.

npm install -g homebridge-gordalina-magic-home

Next, add a new accessory to your Homebridge config.json. You can add as many Magic Home-based accessories as you like in the following format:

  "platforms": [{
    "platform": "homebridge-gordalina-magic-home"

Run on Raspberry pi

# we need sudo
sudo bash

# install homebridge and plugin globally
npm install -g --unsafe-perm nodemon homebridge homebridge-gordalina-magic-home

CONFIG=$(cat <<'EOT'
    "description": "An example Homebridge config for MagicHome.",

    "bridge": {
      "name": "Homebridge",
      "username": "DC:39:3D:F3:CE:31",
      "port": 51827,
      "pin": "031-57-155"

    "platforms": [{
      "platform": "homebridge-gordalina-magic-home"

# create config
mkdir ~/.homebridge
echo $CONFIG > ~/.homebridge/config.json

# remove exit 0 from rc.local
sed -i 's/exit 0//' /etc/rc.local

# add to startup
echo "DEBUG=* forever $(which homebridge) -D >> /var/log/homebridge.log 2>&1 &" >> /etc/rc.local

# add exit 0 as its required
echo "exit 0" >> /etc/rc.local