The [Homebridge](https://homebridge.io) Honeywell Home plugin allows you to access your [Honeywell Home](https://honeywellhome.com) device(s) from HomeKit.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import homebridgeHoneywellHome from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-honeywell-home';



Homebridge Honeywell Home

The Homebridge Honeywell Home plugin allows you to access your Honeywell Home Device(s) from HomeKit with Homebridge.


  1. Search for "Honeywell Home" on the plugin screen of Homebridge Config UI X.
  2. Click Install.


  1. Login / create an account at https://developer.honeywellhome.com/user
    • Your Honeywell Home Developer Account, this account is different then your Honeywell Home Account that you log into the Honeywell Home App with
  2. Click Create New App
  3. Give your application a name
  4. Copy the hostname found on #3 of the Intro Page into the Callback URL field

  1. Enter the generated consumer key and secret into the plugin settings screen of Homebridge Config UI X
  2. Click Link Account

  1. Login to your https://www.honeywellhome.com.
  2. Click Allow
  3. Select Devices
    • I would recommend selecting all devices since you can restrict the devices you don't want in the Home app later, by DeviceID.
  4. Click Connect
  5. Click Save
    • If you plan on adding this plugin into a child bridge, I would configure that at this time before restarting Homebridge.
      • Reminder that you will have to add this child bridge into the home app to get honeywell accessories to show up.
  6. Restart Homebridge

Supported Honeywell Devices