Homebridge plugin for a web-based garage

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Forked from: Tomm Rodrigues

This homebridge plugin exposes a web-based garage opener to Apple's HomeKit. Using simple HTTP requests, the plugin allows you to open/close the garage.


  1. Install homebridge
  2. Install this plugin: npm install -g homebridge-http-garage
  3. Update your config.json


"accessories": [
       "accessory": "GarageDoorOpener",
       "name": "Garage",
       "openURL": "http://myurl.com/open",
       "closeURL": "http://myurl.com/close",
       "stateURL": "http://myurl.com"


Key Description Default
accessory Must be GarageDoorOpener N/A
name Name to appear in the Home app N/A
openURL URL to trigger the opening of your garage N/A
closeURL URL to trigger the closing of your garage N/A
stateURL URL to get the status of the garage (must return OPEN or CLOSED as text) N/A

Optional fields

Key Description Default
openTime (optional) Time (in seconds) to simulate your garage opening 5
closeTime (optional) Time (in seconds) to simulate your garage closing 5
autoLock (optional) Whether your garage should auto-close after being opened false
autoLockDelay (optional) Time (in seconds) until your garage will automatically close (if enabled) 10
enablePolling (optional) Poll the garage for its status and update HomeKit true
pollingDelay (opttional) How often the garage is polled for its status 5000

Additional options

Key Description Default
timeout (optional) Time (in milliseconds) until the accessory will be marked as Not Responding if it is unreachable 3000
http_method (optional) HTTP method used to communicate with the device GET
username (optional) Username if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
password (optional) Password if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
model (optional) Appears under the Model field for the accessory plugin
serial (optional) Appears under the Serial field for the accessory version
manufacturer (optional) Appears under the Manufacturer field for the accessory author
firmware (optional) Appears under the Firmware field for the accessory version