Homebridge plugin (https://github.com/homebridge/homebridge) to control LG webOS TV.

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Homebridge LG webOS TV

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Homebridge plugin for LG webOS. Tested with OLED65G6V, 32LM6300PLA, 49SK8500, OLED65C7T, 55SK800PLB, OLED48CX.

Package Requirements

Package Installation Role Required
Homebridge Homebridge Wiki HomeKit Bridge Required
Config UI X Config UI X Wiki Web User Interface Recommended
LG webOS TV npm install -g homebridge-lgwebos-tv Plug-In Required


  • Versin 1.7.0 and above need to be used with Homebridge min. v1.3.x.

Know issues

  • If use with Hoobs possible config incompatibilty.


  • If for some reason the device is not displayed in HomeKit app try this procedure:
    • Go to ./homebridge/persist
    • Remove AccessoryInfo.xxx file which contain Your device data: {"displayName":"LG TV"}
    • Next remove IdentifierCashe.xxx file with same name as AccessoryInfo.xxx
    • Restart Homebridge and try add it to the HomeKit app again.

Features and How To Use Them

  • Power and Screen ON/OFF short press tile in HomeKit app.
  • RC/Media control is possible after you go to the RC app on iPhone/iPad.
  • Speaker control is possible after you go to RC app on iPhone/iPad Speaker Service.
  • Legacy Volume and Mute control is possible throught extra lightbulb/fan (slider).
  • Inputs can be changed using Inputs selector in HomeKit.app, additionally can create separate tile.
  • Channels can be changed using Channels selector in HomeKit app, additionally can create separate tile.
  • Siri can be used for all functions, some times need create legacy buttons/switches/sensors.
  • Automations can be used for all functions, some times need create legacy buttons/switches/sensors.


First please configure LG Connect Apps

Install and use Homebridge Config UI X plugin to configure this plugin (Highly Recommended). The sample configuration can be edited and used manually as an alternative. See the sample-config.json file in this repository for an example or copy the example below into your config.json file, making the apporpriate changes before saving it. Be sure to always make a backup copy of your config.json file before making any changes to it.

Key Description
name Here set the accessory Name to be displayed in Homebridge/HomeKit.
host Here set the Hsostname or Address IP of TV.
mac Here set the Mac Address of TV.
disableLogInfo This disable log info, all values and state will not be displayed in Homebridge log console.
disableLogDeviceInfo If enabled, add ability to disable log device info by every connections device to the network.
enableDebugMode This enable deep log in homebridge console.
volumeControl Here select volume control mode None, Slider, Fan.
switchInfoMenu This switch the behaviour of I button in RC app between Menu and Home.
getInputsFromDevice This enable load inputs and apps direct from device.
filterSystemApps This enable filter sysem apps, only if getInputsFromDevice is true.
turnScreenOnOff This enable possibility turn the screen ON/OFF, only for webOS >= 4.0.
inputs.name Here set Name which You want expose to the Homebridge/HomeKit.
inputs.reference Here set Reference. Live TV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2 are created by default.
inputs.type Here select source input type.
inputs.mode Here select input mode, Input/App, Live TV Channel.
buttons.name Here set Name which You want expose to the Homebridge/HomeKit.
buttons.mode Here select button mode, Input/App, Live TV Channel or Remote Control.
buttons.reference Here set Reference, only for Input/App or Live TV Channel mode, in other case leave empty.
buttons.command Here select Remote Control command which will be assigned to the button.
buttons.displayType Here select display type in HomeKit app, possible Switch, Button - selectable in HomeKit app as Light, Fan, Outlet.
manufacturer, modelName, serialNumber, firmwareRevision Free-form informational data that will be displayed in the Home.app.
reference All can be found in homebridge_directory/lgwebosTv, inputs_xxx file, where reference == id, or channels_xxx file, where reference == channelId.
    "platform": "LgWebOsTv",
    "devices": [
            "name": "LG TV",
            "host": "",
            "mac": "ab:cd:ef:fe:dc:ba",
            "disableLogInfo": false,
            "disableLogDeviceInfo": false,
            "enableDebugMode": false,
            "volumeControl": 0,
            "switchInfoMenu": false,
            "getInputsFromDevice": false,
            "filterSystemApps": false,
            "turnScreenOnOff": false,
            "inputs": [
                    "name": "HDMI 3",
                    "reference": "com.webos.app.hdmi3",
                    "type": "HDMI",
                    "mode": 0
                    "name": "HDMI 4",
                    "reference": "com.webos.app.hdmi4",
                    "type": "HDMI",
                    "mode": 0
                    "name": "Netflix",
                    "reference": "netflix",
                    "type": "APPLICATION",
                    "mode": 0
                    "name": "BBC ONE HD",
                    "reference": "1_45_101_101_16521_17540_9018",
                    "mode": 1
           "buttons": [{
                    "name": "HDMI 3",
                    "reference": "com.webos.app.hdmi3",
                    "mode": 0,
                    "displayType": 0
                    "name": "BBC ONE HD",
                    "reference": "1_45_101_101_16521_17540_9018",
                    "mode": 1,
                    "displayType": 0
                    "name": "Menu Up",
                    "mode": 2,
                    "command": "UP",
                    "displayType": 0

Adding to HomeKit

Each accessory needs to be manually paired.

  1. Open the Home app on your device.
  2. Tap the .
  3. Tap Add Accessory, and select I Don't Have a Code or Cannot Scan or More Options.
  4. Select Your accessory.
  5. Enter the Homebridge PIN or scan the QR code, this can be found in Homebridge UI or Homebridge logs.
  6. Complete the accessory setup.


  • That maximum Services for 1 accessory is 100. If Services > 100, accessory stop responding.
  • To solve this problem the plugin counts the number of Services and not allow add more as 100.
  • If You have configured more as 100 Services some inputs or buttons will not be available in the HomeKit app.
  • The Services in this accessory are:
    • Information.
    • Speaker.
    • Lightbulb.
    • Fan.
    • Television.
    • Inputs, which may range from 6 to 100 as each input is 1 service.
    • Buttons, which may range from 6 to 100 as each button is 1 service.

What's New


  • Pull request and help in development highly appreciated.