Homebridge plugin for the MagicBlue LED Lightbulbs

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  import homebridgeMagicBlueBulb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-magic-blue-bulb';


Homebridge MagicBlue LED Light Bulb Plug in

This plug-in enables you to control your MagicBlue LED light bulb.

New Version

Releases that start with version 1.x.x are based on the old code base. If you want to support this project feel free to install version 2.x.x by running this command:

npm install -g homebridge-magic-blue-bulb@alpha

This software is still in the alpha phase. Should you find any issues, please open up an issue on GitHub. Nevertheless, this new version should work as a drop-in replacement for the old version, so your configuration does not require an update.

Connecting and setting up

The light bulb uses Bluetooth low energy. This means that your Raspberry Pi needs to have Bluetooth in some way. You will need to know the mac address of the light bulb. You can discover it by installing bluez and everything to your Raspberry Pi. A possible guide can be found here. However, you don't need to compile it yourself. I find the version in the repositories to be sufficient. You can then discover the mac address by running the command shown below. The mac is "FB:00:E0:82:AA:1F" in this case.

    $ sudo hcitool lescan
    LE Scan ...
    FF:FF:C8:5D:68:9E Eve
    FF:FF:C8:5D:68:9E Eve Thermo
    33:03:44:44:AA:5C (unknown)
    33:03:44:44:AA:5C Eve Door
    FB:00:E0:82:AA:1F (unknown)
    22:20:7B:99:D3:AF (unknown)
    FB:00:E0:82:AA:1F LEDBLE-A582661F    <--- this is your light bulb
    22:20:7B:99:D3:AF (unknown)


Run the following command

npm install -g homebridge-magic-blue-bulb

Chances are you are going to need sudo with that.

Config.json file

    "accessory": "magic-blue-bulb",
    "name": "MagicBlue",
    "mac": "FB:00:E0:82:AA:1F",
    "handle": 46
Key Description
accessory Required. Has to be "magic-blue-bulb"
name Required. The name of this accessory. This will appear in your Homekit app
mac Required. The mac address that you discovered earlier
handle Optional. The handle that is used by the bulb for setting on/off and colors. This basically works like a key and you are writing the value. Use 46 for the newer(?) version of the bulbs. The standard value for the older(?) version is integrated into the code


This software comes with no warranty. It works for me and it might for you.


I used the codes that were discovered by the author of this post. His findings were also used in his repository. If the author reads this, I did not find your name on your blog. You can send me a message and I'll gladly add your name.

Another thanks to Garry Tan for the conversion methods. See his post here.