Control Meural canvases via HomeKit.

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  import homebridgeMeural from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-meural';


Meural Canvas

Control Meural canvases via HomeKit. Supports single or multiple canvases. If you only have one canvas in your account, then iOS will show a Television control in Control Center (Note: iOS 13 only supports one Television accessory per bridge).

  • Previous Photo ("swipe left") [via control center]
  • Next Photo ("swipe right") [via control center]
  • See info ("swipe up") [via control center]
  • Navigate menus [via control center]
  • Show Random (pick a random index from current device playlist; shows the same index across all devices if you have multiple canvases allowing you to create photo groups) [via Home app]
  • Control brightness, on/off [via Home app]
  • Automate on/off, brightness, and show random [via Home app]

Known to work with Meural Canvas I. Should work with Cavnas II as well, but not confirmed.


  1. Add and fill out the following in your config.json in the platforms section:
    "platforms": [
          "platform": "MeuralCanvas",
          "account_email": "", // for online https://my.meural.netgear.com/ account
          "account_password": "",
          "exclude_devices": ["5TS19578A01D8", ...] // optional, excludes a device in your account from appearing in HomeKit
  1. npm install homebridge-meural

Version history


  • Adds a new config option exclude_devices which takes an array of Meural serial numbers and excludes them from showing up in HomeKit


  • Increase the sync time for "show random" to 60s from 10s


  • Ungroups mulitple canvases to show them as separate devices now
  • You can still sync "show random" across mulitple devices by putting all the devices in a single Home Scene


  • Initial release
  • Adds support for Canvas (single or many) added as a single Television accessory


  1. Install Homebridge
  2. npm link (first time only, to link npm repo for your local dev environment)
  3. npm install
  4. npm run watch

This repo is written in TypeScript.