A Neato vacuum robot plugin for homebridge.

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This is a plugin for homebridge to control your Neato vacuum robot. You can download it via npm.

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  • House Cleaning
    • Eco mode
    • Extra care navigation
    • Nogo lines
  • Zone cleaning 1, 2
  • Spot cleaning
    • Individual spot size 1, 3
    • Clean twice 3
  • Return to dock
  • Find the robot
  • Schedule (de)activation
  • Robot information
    • Battery level
    • Charging state
    • Dock occupancy
    • Model and firmware version
  • Automatic or periodic refresh of robot state
  • Multiple robots

1 Only available on the Neato D7.

2 You can send the robot from one room to another as well. He will return to the base, wait there some seconds and then starts cleaning the next room.

3 You need a third party app like eve to access these features.


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-neato
  3. If you don't have a Neato account yet, create one here.
  4. Update your configuration file. See the sample below.


Add the following information to your config file. Change the values for email and password.


"platforms": [
        "platform": "NeatoVacuumRobot",
        "email": "YourEmail",
        "password": "YourPassword"


Below are explanations for advanced parameters to adjust the plugin to your needs. All parameters are optional.

Timer for periodic refresh of robot state. The default is auto. The options are:
auto Updates the robot state when a cleaning was started via homekit so that you can activate automations based on a successful cleaning.
120 Or any other time in seconds (minimum 60) is required if you want to receive robot state updates after starting the cleaning from outside of homekit (e.g. neato app or schedule).
0 Disables background updates completely.

List of plugin features that you don't want to use in homekit (e.g. dock, dockstate, eco, nogolines, extracare, schedule, find, spot).

"platforms": [
        "platform": "NeatoVacuumRobot",
        "email": "YourEmail",
        "password": "YourPassword",
        "refresh": "120",
        "hidden": ["dock", "dockstate", "eco", "nogolines", "extracare", "schedule", "find", "spot"]

Tested robots

The plugin is successfully tested with all Neato Connected Robots.


Many thanks go to

  • ghulands for finding and fixing a bug when no robot is associated with the neato account
  • Berkay for adding the schema file to use the plugin with homebridge-config-ui-x
  • Antoine de Maleprade for adding the zone cleaning feature
  • DJay for testing out tons of new beta versions