Foscam Plugin for HomeBridge (API 2.1): https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

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  import homebridgeNewfoscam from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-newfoscam';


homebridge-NewFoscam npm version

Foscam Plugin (Camera, Security System, Motion Sensor) for HomeBridge (API 2.1)

Older verion using API 1.0: homebridge-foscam
Older verion using API 2.0: homebridge-foscam2 (deprecated)

Due to protocol limitation, users will need to pair with the camera in a HomeKit app separately.
Pairing PIN is the same as the HomeBridge pairing PIN.


  1. Node.js v6.6.0 or above
  2. HomeBridge v0.4.6 or above
  3. FFmpeg
  4. Only H.264 cameras are supported.


  1. Install homebridge using npm install -g homebridge.
  2. Install this plugin using npm install -g homebridge-NewFoscam.
  3. Update your configuration file. See configuration sample below.


Edit your config.json accordingly. Configuration sample:

"platforms": [{
    "platform": "NewFoscam",
    "name": "Foscam",
    "cameras": [{
        "username": "admin",
        "password": "password",
        "host": "",
        "port": 88,
        "stay": 13,
        "away": 15,
        "night": 14,
        "armPreset": "Start",
        "disarmPreset": "LeftMost",
        "sensitivity": 2,
        "triggerInterval": 5,
        "videoConfig": {
            "source": "-re -i rtsp://myfancy_rtsp_stream",
            "stillImageSource": "-i http://faster_still_image_grab_url/this_is_optional.jpg",
            "maxStreams": 2,
            "maxWidth": 1280,
            "maxHeight": 720,
            "maxFPS": 30

Fields Description Default Required
platform Must always be NewFoscam. Yes
name For logging purposes. No
cameras Array of camera config (multiple cameras supported). Yes
|- username Your camera login username. admin No
|- password Your camera login password. Yes
|- host Your camera IP address. Yes
|- port Your camera port. 88 No
|- stay* Configuration for Stay Arm. 0 No
|- away* Configuration for Away Arm. 0 No
|- night* Configuration for Night Arm. 0 No
|- armPreset Preset point name for arm state. undefined No
|- disarmPreset Preset point name for disarm state. undefined No
|- sensitivity Motion sensor sensitivity from 0 (lowest) to 4 (high). Camera Config No
|- triggerInterval Time in s (5-15) of which motion sensor can be retriggered. Camera Config No
|- videoConfig** Array of video config for streaming. Yes

*stay, away, night define configuration for different ARMED state.
**reference homebridge-camera-ffmpeg for configuration instructions.

The supported configurations depend on your device. The Foscam public CGI defines the following:
bit 3 | bit 2 | bit 1 | bit 0
bit 0 = Ring
bit 1 = Send email
bit 2 = Snap picture
bit 3 = Record

The following seems to be valid for the C2 as well (not found in any documentation)
bit 7 | bit 6 | bit 5 | bit 4 | bit 3 | bit 2 | bit 1 | bit 0
bit 0 = Ring
bit 1 = Send email
bit 2 = Snap picture
bit 3 = Record
bit 7 = Push notification

Note: The configuration is defined as int, thus the followings are valid, e.g. 0 (Do Nothing), 1 (Ring), 2 (Email), 3 (Ring + Email), 4 (Picture), 12 (Picture and Record), 13 (Ring, Picture and Record), etc.

P.S.: Any ARMED state will activate motion detection by default.