NooLite plugin for Homebridge

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NooLite plugin (via USB MTRF-64 or МТRF-64 modules) for homebridge

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TG channel: https://t.me/Noolite (tg://t.me/Noolite)


  1. Install homebridge

  2. Install homebridge-noolite plugin

     $ sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-noolite
  3. Add settings to homebridge config.json

     "platforms": [
           "platform": "NooLitePlatform",
           "serialPort": "/dev/tty.usbserial-AL032Z5U",
           "serverPort": "8080",
           "periodicAccessoryUpdate": 5,
           "requestTtl": 1000,
           "serialWriteDelayMs": 250,
           "immediatelyResponse": true
    • serialPort - path to MTRF-64 serial port required
    • serverPort - web-ui port for add new noolite accessories optional, default: 8080
    • periodicAccessoryUpdate - periodically update NooLite-F accessories status (in seconds) optional, default this feature is disabled
    • requestTtl - waiting block response timeout in milliseconds
    • serialWriteDelayMs - delay between sending commands to blocks in milliseconds (if too short, MTRF adapter may not have enough time to process requests/responses)
    • immediatelyResponse - allows to respond immediately on HB request, this will allow to show Home tab with many device without response error (due to TTL). Devices will be updated in foreground (if something changed)

    See sampleConfig.json file for example.

  4. Fix permission to MTRF (For USB) sudo usermod -a -G dialout

  5. Run homebridge


After successful start web interface will be available on address: <device_ip>:8080

On the main page, we can directly interact with the MTRF-64 adapter by sending commands presets or use raw bites, according to MTRF-64 manual.

There are 2 sections оn accessories page (/acc):

  1. MTRF - interact with NooLite-F devices (SLF, SRF blocks) by channels (0 to 63)
  2. HomeKit - interact with HomeKit accessories

NooLite supported accessories


  1. SLF block with NooLite-F protocol
  2. SUF dimmable block with NooLite-F protocol
  3. SU block
  4. SB block
  5. SR block
  6. SD RGB led strip block
  7. SRF-R block for garage and home doors, window and window coverages
  8. SRF-1-3000-T block for controlling electric heating systems


  1. Motion sensor PM112
  2. Temperature sensor PT112
  3. Temperature and humidity sensor PT111
  4. Leak sensor WS-1
  5. Contact sensor DS-1

Custom accessories:

  1. Garage Door accessory - based on SLF block, send 8 command (Power On by 1.5 seconds) to block on Open/Close action. Default setting is the interval of 1 second for the complete opening/closing of the door.


  1. SLF configuration improvements
  2. Web interface UI/UX