Presence Detection (OpenPaths) Plugin for HomeBridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

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Presence Detection (OpenPaths) Plugin for HomeBridge

Basics of how this plugin works:

  1. Retrieve the latest location record from OpenPaths server periodicly.
  2. Calculate distance between the latest location and the reference location.
  3. Determine if the distance is greater than the geofence setting.
  4. Update occupancy sensor state if there's a change.


  1. Register in OpenPaths.
  2. Login and locate your Access Key and Secret Key in OpenPaths.
  3. Install the OpenPaths app (iOS/Android).
  4. Login and start collecting location data using your phone.
  5. Install homebridge using npm install -g homebridge.
  6. Install this plugin using npm install -g homebridge-openpaths.
  7. Update your configuration file. See configuration sample below.


Edit your config.json accordingly. Configuration sample:

"accessories": [{
   "accessory": "OpenPaths",
   "name" : "OpenPaths",
   "people": [{
       "name": "Person 1",
       "access": "Access Key for Person 1",
       "secret": "Secret Key for Person 1"
   }, {
       "name": "Person 2",
       "access": "Access Key for Person 2",
       "secret": "Secret Key for Person 2"
   "latitude": "37.2972061",
   "longitude": "-121.957494",

   "geofence": "500",
   "refresh": "10",
   "manufacturer": "Manufacturer",
   "model": "Model",
   "serial": "Serial Number"
Fields Description Required
accessory Must always be OpenPaths. Yes
name The name of your device. Yes
people Array of OpenPaths accounts for presence detection. Yes
latitude Latitude of reference location for presence detection. Yes
longitude Longitude of reference location for presence detection. Yes
geofence Size of reference location geofence in ft (Default 500ft). No
refresh Interval to poll for user location in s (Default 10s). No
manufacturer The manufacturer of your device. No
model The model of your device. No
serial The serial number of your device. No