Homebridge plugin for a web-based valve

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  import homebridgeWebValve from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-web-valve';



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This homebridge plugin exposes a web-based valve to Apple's HomeKit. Using simple HTTP requests, the plugin allows you to turn on/off the valve.

Find script samples for the valve controller in the examples folder.


  1. Install homebridge
  2. Install this plugin: npm install -g homebridge-web-valve
  3. Update your config.json file


"accessories": [
       "accessory": "WebValve",
       "name": "Valve",
       "apiroute": "http://myurl.com"


Key Description Default
accessory Must be WebValve N/A
name Name to appear in the Home app N/A
apiroute Root URL of your device N/A

Optional fields

Key Description Default
valveType Icon to be shown in the Home app (0, 1, 2, 3) 0

Additional options

Key Description Default
pollInterval Time (in seconds) between device polls 300
listener Whether to start a listener to get real-time changes from the device false
timeout Time (in milliseconds) until the accessory will be marked as Not Responding if it is unreachable 3000
port Port for your HTTP listener (if enabled) 2000
http_method HTTP method used to communicate with the device GET
username Username if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
password Password if HTTP authentication is enabled N/A
model Appears under the Model field for the accessory plugin
serial Appears under the Serial field for the accessory apiroute
manufacturer Appears under the Manufacturer field for the accessory author
firmware Appears under the Firmware field for the accessory version

API Interfacing

Your API should be able to:

  1. Return JSON information when it receives /status:
    "currentState": INT_VALUE
  1. Set the state when it receives:

Optional (if listener is enabled)

  1. Update state following a manual override by messaging the listen server: