ZigBee New Technology Platform plugin for HomeBridge

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ZigBee Platform plugin for HomeBridge

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This Homebridge plugin exposes ZigBee devices connected to TI's CC253X wireless SoC to Apple's HomeKit. It uses zigbee-herdsman and zigbee-herdsman-converters under the hood, so technically all supported devices mapped in zigbee-herdsman-converters should be supported. To enable a new device you must implement a new HomeKit Device class and regirster it.

This project has been heavily inspired by homebridge-zigbee plugin by Anton Petrov.

Supported devices

See wiki page

Build from sources

To build and run the plugin from sources, you need to install yarn first.

Clone the repo:

git clone git@github.com:madchicken/homebridge-zigbee-nt.git

Once you get it, run yarn command:

cd homebridge-zigbee-nt
yarn && yarn build

You should end up with a new dist/ folder containing the compiled version of the plugin.


From version 1.0.8 you can see which device is paired through the WEB UI exposed on port 9000. To change the default port, set httpPort: YOUR_PORT_NUMBER in the configuration. To completely disable http UI, set disableHttpServer: true in the configuration.


Licensed under Apache 2.0


Any PR is welcome to this project, so please, fork and open one if you can!

If otherwise, you simply enjoyed using this plugin, and you want to contribute in some way, you can always donate something!