IOTDB Bridge for Boards

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IOTDB Bridge for boards.


This uses particle-io, the machine you are running on has to be IP reachable from the Particle.

Furthermore, you seem to need to press the Reset button on the Particle to properly do Analog Inputs. This is a bug somewhere in the Libraries we are using (and a huge problem).

Installation and Configuration

Module Installation

$ npm install -g homestar    ## may require sudo
$ npm install homestar-particle

Access Token Installation

You'll also need to save your Access Token. To get your Access Token, go to Particle Build, log in, and click on Settings (the cog in the lower right corner).

Copy the Access Token and use it as follows

$ homestar set /bridges/ParticleBridge/initd/key 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888

If you only have the one Particle device, you can save that too. If you have multiple devices, you'll need to specify the name when connecting.

$ homestar set /bridges/ParticleBridge/initd/name elrond

Flash Installation

The Particle board needs to be "flashed" with the "VoodooSpark" Firmata-like software. The instructions for this are here. It's quite straight forward


Turn on the built in LED

var iotdb = require('iotdb')

const things = iotdb.connect('ParticleOn');
things.set(':on', true);

Turn on the built in LED, specifying both the Access Token and the Board Name as parameters

const things = iotdb.connect('ParticleOn', {
    "key": "8888888888888888888888888888888888888888",
    "name": "elrond",
things.set(':on', true);

Turn on LED on D6

const things = iotdb.connect('ParticleOn', {
    pin: 'D6',
things.set(':on', true);

Turn the LED on A4 to 50% brightness

const things = iotdb.connect('ParticleValuePercent', {
    pin: 'A4',
things.set(':value', 50,;


See the models folder, particularly the .iotql files

  • ParticleOn
  • ParticleOpen
  • ParticleValueBoolean
  • ParticleValueUnit
  • ParticleValuePercent
  • ParticleSensorBoolean
  • ParticleSensorUnit
  • ParticleSensorPercent