simpler and more effective captcha: human cognition beats visual perception

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Authentication Security: Simple Human Cognition Easily Beats Out Automated Graphic Image Detection

Challenge Generation Utility

A new utility has been added to generate the YAML input file for your Node.js server. It is set to automatically create a file of 70,000+ unique text based prompts. Each one is simple and clear for humans to correctly answer, yet extremely difficult for bots.

Go to challenges directory and execute the following file:


It will create another file:


Copy this file (and rename if necessary) into your Node.js app directory structure, which will read into memory to be used to create the prompt for the UI in the client front end.

Refer to apptest.js to understand how to use the generated YAML file.

Have fun!


Gerry Gold

P.S. Additional documentation will be forthcoming; for now, please read the source code. :)