Hubot script to query next LUAS coming to your stop. Inspired by

Usage no npm install needed!

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A Hubot script for Dublin LUAS


Add hubot-dublin-luas to your package.json

"hubot-dublin-luas": "~1.1.0"

Add lodash and xml2json to your package.json

Add hubot-dublin-luas to your external_scripts.json and run npm install


hubot luas stations
response is in form Shortname (Name, Irish Name) 
=> BUS (Bus Áras, Busáras), CON (Connolly, Conghaile), etc. etc. 
hubot inbound|outbound stopname
e.g. hubot luas inbound tallaght (short name, name or irish name should all work)
=> Next Two trams inbound at TAL are: 
   To The Point in 7 minutes,To The Point in 15 minutes