Hubot's pomodoro timer

Usage no npm install needed!

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Hubot pomodoro script

Hubot script that allows you to start and stop pomodoro sessions and notify when it's over.


npm install --save hubot-pomodoro

Open external-scripts.json and enable the module, by putting it's name into it:

["your-other", "external-script", "hubot-pomodoro"]


  • hubot start pomodoro - start a new pomodoro
  • hubot start pomodoro <time> - start a new pomodoro with a duration of
  • hubot stop pomodoro - stop a pomodoro
  • hubot pomodoro? - shows the details of the current pomodoro
  • hubot pomodoro <username>? - shows the details of 's current pomodoro
  • hubot all pomodoros? - shows the details of all of the running pomodoros