Hotkeys management for Hyper

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Hotkeys management for Hyper


Open your Hyper preferences and add hyper-keymap to plugin list:

plugins: [

Or use hpm

npm install -g hpm
hpm i hyper-keymap

🤔 Caveats

Some hotkeys can still not be working, like CmdOrCtrl+Alt+Left, because right now Hyper (v0.8.3) is binding this and several others keys. Those keys are semi-working.

Though, 🎉 good news, i submitted pull-request to Hyper to fix that. Check it out, and if you want comment there what do you think about it 🗯. Any feedback is welcomed.


There is a default keymap, which is used by Hyper.

In order to change hotkeys you are unhappy with, add keymap object to your config:

module.exports = {
  config: {

    // other configuration

    keymap: {
      // just examples, see below for detailed explanation
      'CmdOrCtrl+Alt+Left':  'prev-pane',
      'CmdOrCtrl+Alt+Right': 'next-pane',

  plugins: [
    // you can have another plugins as well

Keymap is an object of Electron's accelerator and Hyper's command.

keymap: {
  // 'accelerator'    :  'Hyper command'
  'CmdOrCtrl+Alt+Left':  'prev-pane',

Your keymap has prio over default one.

Electron's accelerators

It is a way to define keyboard shortcuts.

Accelerators can contain multiple modifiers and key codes, combined by the + character.


  • CommandOrControl+A
  • CommandOrControl+Shift+Z

Check out Electron's accelerators documentation.

List of supported Hyper commands

  • show-settings
  • new-window
  • new-tab
  • split-vertical
  • split-horizontal
  • close
  • close-window
  • clear
  • show-settings
  • reload
  • reload-full
  • toggle-devtools
  • zoom-reset
  • zoom-in
  • zoom-out
  • update-plugins
  • prev-tab
  • next-tab
  • prev-pane
  • next-pane


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