Excludes dynamically imported dependencies from the output bundle.

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  import ignoreWebpackPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ignore-webpack-plugin';


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This Webpack plugin excludes dynamically imported dependencies from the output bundle. This is often used for scenarios such as server-side rendering / pre-rendering (SSR).

Usage Example


const { IgnoreAsyncImportsPlugin } = require("ignore-webpack-plugin");

module.exports = [
  // The core application bundle for browsers.
    name: "app",
    entry: "./src/index",
    /* ... other settings ... */
  // Additional (reverse proxy) bundle for Cloudflare Workers.
    name: "proxy",
    entry: "./src/proxy",
    output: { filename: "proxy.js" },
    target: "browserslist:last 2 Chrome versions",
    /* ... other settings ... */
    plugins: [new IgnoreAsyncImportsPlugin()],

All the import(...) expressions within the "proxy" bundle in the example above will be replaced with Promise.resolve(...).

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