Syntax Highlighting for NodeJS

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Illuminate JS

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Illuminate is a syntax highlighter, based on the well known prism.js, rewritten from the ground up in ES6 to be used with projects like markdown-it, gatsby, react, etc.

How is it different from Prism?

  • No need of including a client side library, just for highlighting the code snippets (when used with markdown-it and gatsby).
  • Uses ES6 Maps to ensure the order in language definitions.
  • react-illuminate works in the "react way". No need for dangerouslySetInnerHTML.


npm install --save illuminate-js


Before you can use the highlighter, you will need to add the languages defintions you want to use, as shown below. This helps in keeping the bundle size down.

import { addLanguage, highlight } from 'illuminate-js';

// for example, if you want to highlight 'javascript'
import { javascript } from 'illuminate-js/lib/languages';

addLanguage('javascript', javascript);

// You can alias it too.
addLanguage('js', javascript);

highlight('Your code goes here', 'js');


MIT. Copyright(c) Vivek Kumar Bansal