Asymmetric XRP paychan server for ILP

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ILP Plugin XRP Asym Server

ILP Plugin XRP Asym Server allows you to accept payment channel connections from many users without adding them as peers. If you're running a connector, this is a great way to get sub-connectors and provide ILP connection to users without asking them to trust you with their money.

Details of how the connection is established are described in this plugin's client, ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-client

This plugin is based off of ilp-plugin-mini-accounts, with XRP payment channel functionality on top.

const serverPlugin = new IlpPluginXrpAsymServer({
  // Port on which to listen
  port: 6666,

  // XRP credentials of the server 
  address: 'rKzfaLjeVZXasCSU2heTUGw9VhQmFNSd8k',
  secret: 'snHNnoL6S67wNvydcZg9y9bFzPZwG',

  // Rippled server for the server to use
  xrpServer: 'wss://',

  // Max amount to be unsecured at any one time
  maxBalance: 1000000,

  // Maximum packet amount to allow (returns F08 if exceeded)
  maxPacketAmount: 1000,

  // Persistent Key-value store. ILP-Connector will pass
  // this parameter in automatically.
  _store: new Store()