Node.js development environment for ImpactJS

Usage no npm install needed!

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This package includes Node.js CLI for better development with ImpactJS.

impact-node logo composed of Node.js and Impact logos

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npm install -g impact-node


Create project

impact-node create:project {path to impact dir}

This will copy ImpactJS core into current directory and bootstrap a project, thus you can keep ImpactJS somewhere on your disk.

Create entity

impact-node create:entity {name}

This will create a new entity file with basic setup.

Why no command for creating level? This is what Weltmeister should be used for.

Run development server

impact-node serve

This will run the server at http://localhost:3000/.

You can run server on different port.

impact-node serve -p 9000

And in watch mode. Game view will be updated when project's files changed.

impact-node serve --watch


impact-node build

This will compress code into a single file ready for production and put it into build including media dir with game assets.


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