KISS JavaScript documentation generator engine

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inkdoc - a KISS JavaScript documentation engine

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It shouldn't be THAT difficult to tame a documentation generation engine.

The rationale here is to have a generic-enough solution.

One can edit and extend its logic (kinda hard) and templates (easy as pie - it uses Handlebars!).


npm install -g inkdoc

(sudo may be required depending on your system configuration)

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The engine is split into the following parts:

  • comments parsing into JSON metadata parseComments
  • additional massaging of the extracted data is done in prepareStructure
  • markup generation from JSON metadata generateMarkup

It uses esprima to extract block comments from JavaScript source files.

It uses handlebars templates for generating the final markup.

It uses marked to convert markdown syntax to HTML.

It groups information in a hierarchy of modules, classes and functions/attributes.


You can find a human-readable log of inkdoc versions and their changes here