Shared library to work with 3rd Party APIs with shared interfaces

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Abstracts multiple APIs to give you a shared library to call against different services such as Mail, Calendar, Work Tracking.


  • ✅ All communication handled directly from library
  • ✅ Promise Based Methods
  • ✅ Typescript Bindings
  • ✅ Support for Mail, Calendar, Task and Work Tracking
  • 😇 Used in Amna

Everything is handled within the library using REST calls and data transformations. It can be an alternate to services such as Nylas or Kloudless.

You may use the library for free, and purchase a one-time access token for complete library usage.

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Free Tier

  • 10 function calls per run in Calendar and Mail APIs
  • Only checkout 1 Task Service (Google, Todoist, Microsoft) at a time


See all available methods and interfaces in the Wiki


import {
} from "integrations-lib"

// after successful oauth, pass in a set of access tokens.
const opts: IntegrationOptions = {
  authorizers: {
    Microsoft: {
      apiToken: "<user access token>",
    Google: {
      apiToken: "<user access token>",

const integrations = new Integrations(opts, "DEMO_TOKEN")

const outlook = integrations.getMailService(MailServiceType.Microsoft)
const gmail = integrations.getMailService(MailServiceType.Google)

const draftMessage = {
  to: [""],
  cc: [],
  bcc: [],
  subject: "Whoa, this library works!",
  body: "Hey, we just sent you and email from our awesome library!",


async function sendMail() {
  // send an email
  const gmailResp = await gmail.send(draftMessage)
  const outlookResp = await outlook.send(draftMessage)


This library does not provide UI for authentication to an OAuth Provider. If you purchased a token, you can purchase our OAuth Helper for Javascript that works with most 3rd party providers.

You can obtain tokens from Google and Microsoft for testing

Interface and API Definitions

All interface definitions can be found in our Public Github Repo

Not all methods have been implemented. There may also be slight variations between two APIs. Please read the wiki.

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Library supporters have the ability to open support tickets. Because we are strapped on resources, we will prioritize token purchasers first.

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