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A Jest Circus environment for Allure reporting.

Allure Report


Resource Description
Jest A delightful JavaScript testing framework.
Allure 2 CLI "A Java jar command line tool that turns Allure result files into beautiful Allure reports."

:rocket: Quick start

  1. Add this package
yarn add --dev jest-circus-allure-environment
  1. Update jest.config.js

See the official Jest docs for more details.

  "testEnvironment": ["jest-circus-allure-environment"],
  "testRunner": "jest-circus/runner"
  1. Run tests
yarn test
  1. Open the Allure report
allure serve ./allure-results

:recycle: Lifecycle events

Updated list available here

Bold items are async test events

Italic items are synchronous test events

  1. error
  2. constructor
  3. setup Fn
  4. setup
  5. add_hook
  6. start_describe_definition
  7. add_test
  8. finish_describe_definition
  9. run_start / test_skip / test_todo
  10. run_describe_start
  11. test_start
  12. hook_start
  13. hook_success / hook_failure
  14. test_fn_start
  15. test_fn_success / test_fn_failure / error
  16. test_done
  17. run_describe_finish
  18. run_finish
  19. teardown
  20. teardown Fn