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Famous Engine

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The Famous Engine is a free and open source JavaScript rendering engine. What makes the Famous Engine unique is its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine that gives developers the power and tools to build native quality apps and animations using pure JavaScript. It is designed to allow developers the ability to render to both DOM and WebGL in a unified API.

Getting Started

We have several guides & tutorials on our site to help you get up and running with Famous, such as Hello Famous. Here's a quick boilerplate example.


If you have the Famous Engine included in your project, it is very easy to start getting content rendered to the screen. Below is a short example of how to get HTML content written to the screen.

var FamousEngine = require('famous/core/FamousEngine');
var DOMElement = require('famous/dom-renderables/DOMElement');

var scene = FamousEngine.createScene();

var node = scene.addChild();
var domEl = new DOMElement(node, {
    content: 'Hello World',
    properties: {
        fontFamily: 'Arial'

In this example, we use the Famous Engine to kick off the rendering process and create a scene for our application. From here, we can add nodes to our scene and use components to give them the ability to draw. For more, here are some deeper dives on scene graph and components.

Seed Project

If you are looking for an easy way to get a Famous application up and running, check out our seed project. This includes the FamousEngine, index.html file, preloaded CSS with friendly default values, and some boilerplate to get you started.


The Famous Engine is also available on npm.

npm install famous

This will add the Famous Engine to your node_modules folder to be included into your project.


Cloning this repository directly is primarily for those wishing to contribute to our codebase. Check out our contributing instructions to get involved.

Note: cloning only provides the folder with all code, but it does no application scaffolding. You will additionally need to create your own index.html. Currently we have a dependency on glslify, a browserify transform to compile our glsl shaders.


  • Rendered versions of the source code reference documentation: docs.
  • Guides and tutorials: guides


Licensing information

  • The Famous rendering engine is licensed under the MIT license
  • Contact for further inquiries.