A journalctl wrapper for nice colors and filters

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journally in urxvt Logging a Windows 10 virtual machine startup

A simple wrapper around journalctl for realtime monitoring with colors and filtering.

Install :

npm i journally -g

Usage :

  journally [OPTIONS] [MATCHES]

journally supports all of the flags and arguments from journalctl! (Thanks to @gerrard00)

Reference the options in the journalctl man page or with journally --help.


You can configure journally with different colors and formats with the ~/.journallyrc file:

  "filters": [
    //If this value is the same as journalctl's SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER, the entry is ignored.
  //Customisable output!
  "output": "{} {|.yellow} {} {says.yellow} {}"
  //Use JSON properties found in the journalctl json output and custom ones for stuff like 'says' or a '|' seperator.
  //To add some color with your desired color with a dot in front.

journalctl's JSON documentation can be found here or check the reference.json file in the package/repo for an example of the returned JSON object by journalctl.


If you want to add a feature to the project, feel free to either create an issue or to clone the repository and submit a pull request!

All help is welcome!


Check out the LICENSE file for more information.