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jq Live View (JSON selector)

Use jq to process a .json file, updating the preview as you save your file.


Use the jq command to select from a .json file


This extension will keep a history of the commands that you run



This extension can be configured in User Settings or Workspace settings.

Setting Type Description
customCommand string See Running jq with command line options
strictMode boolean See Strict Mode

Running jq with command line options

For your convenience, customCommand replaces the following variables:

$user_filter is replaced with the filter you typed

$file_path is replaced with the current file path

An example, using modules:

  "jq.customCommand": "jq -L /my/modules/path 'include \"items\"; $user_filter' $file_path"

Strict Mode

By default, this extension only works with files with a json file identifier. Turn this off if you want to use it with any file type.

Alternatively, you can modify VSCode's files.associations in your User Settings:

"files.associations": {
    "*.log.a.txt": "json"

Strict Mode may, in the future, include other checks that you will always be able to turn off.

Version History

  • v0.4.0

    • Add history of commands on a per-open-file basis
  • v0.3.0

    • Add strictMode configuration option (do not check for json language identifier)
    • Fix escaping input box (no longer opens a live view)
  • v0.2.0

    • Deprecate jqArgs,jqPrefix, jqPostfix and replaces its functionality with customCommand
  • v0.1.0

    • Add configuration options jqArgs,jqPrefix, jqPostfix to run jq qith command line options
  • v0.0.1

    • Initial Public Release