A simple javascript in memory cache for node

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Javascript time-to-live

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The time to-live-cache is a cache that evicts items that are older than a time-to-live threshold (in milliseconds). see (https://github.com/clojure/core.cache/wiki/TTL)

What is JS-TTL?

JS-TTL, a simple in-memory cache for Node.js.

What is it useful for?

  • Cuts down database overhead.


Instantiation new JSTTL([{options}])

Instantiating a js-ttl cache

  • Where options takes the following
    • ttl - sets the ttl policy of the cache to the ttl provided. Not providing a ttl policy will default the ttl policy to 1000 milliseconds / 1 second.
var JSTTL = require('js-ttl');
var cache = new JSTTL();
var customCache = new JSTTL({ttl: 1000 * 10}) //10 seconds

Inserting objects in the cache

cache.put(key, value, [optionalTTL])

  • Inserts the key/value pair in the cache. If an optionalTTL is provided, the ttl policy for the key/value are set to the optionalTTL.

Retrieving objects in the cache


  • Fetches a the corresponding key/value pair in the cache. Returns null if there is no matching key, or the key has expired

Deleting objects in the cache

cache.delete(key, [optionalCallback])

  • Removes the key/value pair from the cache, along the ttl policy

Clearing the cache


  • Flushes the cache and removes all ttl policies.


miss - If you perform a cache seek, or cache.get and the key/value is not found in the cache, js-ttl will emit a cache miss with the following payload {key: String}

var jsTTL = require('js-ttl');
var cache = new jsTTL();

cache.put('michael', 'jordan');
cache.on('expiration', function(payload) {
    //1 second later
    console.log('key: %s', payload.key);
    console.log('value: %s', payload.value);
    console.log('ttl: %s', payload.ttl);

expiration - If the time to live policy for a key/value pair has been reached, js-ttl will emit a expiration event with the following payload {key, String, value: Object, ttl: Number}

var jsTTL = require('js-ttl');
var cache = new jsTTL();

cache.put('michael', 'jordan');
cache.on('miss', function(payload) {
    console.log('key: %s', payload.key); //2 seconds later


var jsTTL = require('js-ttl');
var cache = new jsTTL();

cache.put('foo', 'bar');

cache.put('hello', 'world', 1000);

cache.put('indices', [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5], 2000);

cache.put('user', {_id: '0123-456-789', name: ''}, 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24);


    cache.get('foo'); //returns undefined.
}, 10001);