Modification of elegant theme for jsonresume

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  import jsonresumeThemeElegantJali from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/jsonresume-theme-elegant-jali';


Jali Elegant Theme

Personal modification of the Elegant responsive theme for JsonResume by Mudassir Ali.

Theme Preview


  • Added command line interface
    • Compatible with jsonresume, but not required to use
    • Can be rendered to exact replica .pdf
  • Design modifications
    • Added responsive sidebars to work experience.
    • Added hundreds of brand icons for profile support.
    • Changed to inline SVG icons, instead of icon font (ensures icons are displayed even on offline builds)
    • Fixed current event tooltip features.
    • Reorganized the order of the background sections.
    • Reworked the print design. (maximum features, no print color waste)
  • Added continuous integration (using Travis CI)

Command Line Interface

Jali Elegent Theme provides a basic command line tool as well. This will render the given .json file into the given file name on the same directory:

jaliresume myfolder/myresume.json outputname.html
jaliresume myfolder/myresume.json outputname.pdf

Both input path and output name are optional parameters.

Extended Schema

An additional optional entry called basics.priority allows you to reorder entries in the file:

"basics": {
  "priority": "research",